Travel: South Korea stalls visa applications in China

Authorities from South Korea told 52 Chinese travel agencies in the northeastern region to temporarily stop their visa applications in China for Chinese people who plan to go to South Korea, according to a source that has the knowledge of the matter on Monday. There is no exact clear reason for the measure but some Chinese firm officials said it might have something to do with sales of their North Korean package tours.

The data of tourists from the Korea Tourism Organization shows that Chinese tourists are among the frequent visitors to the country, the latest of which was the largest single group so far - 6,000 Chinese tourists from a beauty company who were in the country for a weeklong visit on .

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Travel Idea: Art and Archaeology in United States Megacities Asia

Visitors stroll under, through, along, around or inside massive sculptures and setups that analyze concerns of urbanization. Eleven artists provide 19 works produced from build-ups of items discovered in their home megacities those with populations of 10 million or more in China, India and South Korea, which have actually seen unprecedented development over the past 50 years.

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Travel Boom Forces Asia's Airlines to Seek More Women Pilots


Sophia Kuo states she still hears the whispers as she strolls through international airports in her EVA Airways Corp. pilot’s uniform: Wow, we have female pilots. How does she fly an aircraft? She should be truly wise!

More than 8 decades after Amelia Earhart’s solo flight throughout the Atlantic, women like Kuo, a 35-year-old co-pilot on the Taiwanese carriers Boeing 747s, stay the exception in the cockpit. Just about 5 percent of pilots globally are female, according to Liz Jennings Clark, chairwoman of the International Society of Women Airline Pilots. And simply a tiny percentage of them are captains.

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